Znojmo to Mikulov and Valtice

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Znojmo to Mikulov and Valtice 80 km map/GPX cue sheet
Valtice to Safov and Znojmo 80 km map/GPX cue sheet

Although Lednice Castle preserves elements from the Middle Ages, its present appearance is the result of reconstruction between 1846 and 1858, when neo-Gothic architecture was in fashion. The ostentatious Baroque riding school edifices, designed by the architect Johann B. Fischer of Erlach, have been preserved since the end of the 17th century. A glass house, built 1843 and 1845, leans against the manor on the eastern side.

Lednice Castle


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  1. Lednice Castle. © Vítězslav Krejčí, 2006.
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