Plan Your Own Trip

You can do this too! What kind of bicycle tour is right for you, and what kind of a bicycle tourist are you? It will depend on your level of experience and fitness, and the time you have for preparation.

  1. Independent Self-Supported Tour. Carry your own equipment or gear, on a bicycle you supply. Be your own navigator. Options are with or without camping and perhaps cooking gear. A “credit card” tour means that you carry everything yourself, but stay in hotels and guesthouses. A variety of levels of accommodation are available, from campgrounds to fancy hotels. At some locations, special lodging is available in culturally unique settings such as restored farmhouses and chateaus, but advance reservations are usually required.
  2. Supported, Self-Guided Tour. A bicycle touring outfitter provides you with the bicycle and maps, but transports your equipment between stops.
  3. Supported Tour with Guides. A bicycle touring outfitter provides everything, including a guide who rides alongside.

One of the first choices you have is whether to bring your own bicycle or rent one. Rental bicycles are readily available for daily in Prague, Vienna, and at many sites along the route. Grant Podelco, an American journalist residing in Prague, has recently researched bicycle rental in Prague.

Rentals tend to be hybrid bicycles, which have wheels similar to mountain bikes, but with a longer frame than a road or racing bike. Hybrid’s usually have wide handlebars for an upright seating posture, essential for those who are not used to long days on the bike. This makes for a slower, but more comfortable ride.

Genuine mountain bikes, which have a suspension system, are often available for recreational rental, but they are not necessarily outfitted with racks that can support panniers. Mountain bikes are usually outfitted with knobby, low pressure tires. Although they are well-suited to off-road use, they are slower than hybrids on paved roads.

If you are planning a more extended tour, you will probably want to bring your own bike. Bicycles can be packed in bike boxes, available through the airlines or at bike shops.

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