Slavonice is a small town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, about one kilometer from the Austrian border. It was originally a medieval town, and has a traditional medieval city center with sgraffito covered buildings dating from the 14th to 16th centuries.


Because of its proximity to the Austrian border, Slavonice was severely affected by the creation of the Iron Curtain during the Communist era. The nearby hamlet of Maříž was completely depopulated in an effort to prevent citizens from living near the border with non-Communist Austria.

Route Distance Links  
Jindřichův Hradec to Slavonice 47 km map/GPX cue sheet
Slavonice to Safov and Znojmo 78 km map/GPX cue sheet
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After the Velvet Revolution, Maříž was recolonized by ceramics artists, and Slavonice has once again become a popular destination for Czech tourists and artists. Many small ceramics galeries have been established.

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  1. Slavonice. © Suzanne Levasseur, 2007.
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