Slavonice to Safov and Znojmo

Iron Curtain MemorialIron Curtain Memorial. The Czech Republic maintains a monument to the Iron Curtain. A few hundred meters of the original fence, and one of the guard towers, has remained installed. Interpretive signs in Czech and English explain the history and significance of the Iron Curtain. This is the only surviving part of the fence in the Czech Republic. (Several guard towers and bunkers can still be seen. Some of these are part of Communist era defenses, some are from the never-used Czech “mini-Maginot line” in defense against Hitler, and some towers were, or have become, hunting platforms.)

Route Distance Links  
Slavonice to Znojmo 78 km map/gpx cue sheet
Znojmo to Slavonice 78 km map/gpx cue sheet


Photo credits

  1. Iron Curtain Memorial. © Vítězslav Krejčí, 2005.
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