Slavonice to Telc

Slavonice to Telc

The Greenways of Crafts and Beliefs form a 150-kilometer-long route on the border of Vysočina that connects traditional craft works, galleries, and folk museums, as well as artistic works. This section of the Greenway crosses some of the last of the Czech lands to be settled. The area grew up around the fortified towns of Telc, Slavonice, and Dačice, which developed in the 10th-12th centuries along the trade routes, and sheltered caravans carrying salt, amber, silver and gold. During the summer months there are many festivals in these towns, featuring Czech music, crafts, and local artisans.

DaciceThe skyline of Dačice is dominated by the Renaissance tower of St. Lawrence church, visble when approaching Dačice from all directions. This 51 meter tall, seven-story tower was built in a Northern Italian style in the years 1586–92, under the supervision of Italian master builder Francesco Garof de Bissone. His tombstone is found in the tower recess. The tower is decorated with typical graffito ashlaring, a stone table with Krajíř’s coat-of-arms and a Czech inscription in vese about the foundation and building of the tower, and inscription with names of municipal council members and a relief stone sign of the town from 1592. In the tower, the oldest bell of St. Vavřinec from 1483 is also preserved. The tower is open in summer, and if you climb its 150 spiral steps to the gallery, you will be rewarded by a beautiful view of the town and its surroundings.

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