Printed Maps

What scale of map is appropriate for bicycling? Although it is a matter of preference, touring cyclists who are traveling longer distances, from point to point, generally prefer a scale that is larger than what hikers and recreational bicyclists tend to use. The following table suggests what maps are appropriate for different activities:

Map of Central Prague Walking 1:25,000 4 cm = 1 km
Topographical Map Hiking 1:50,000 2 cm = 1 km
Map of Prague Region Cycling 1:100,000 1 cm = 1 km
Map of Southern Bohemia Touring Cycling 1:200,000 1 cm = 2 km
Map of Czech Republic Motoring 1:500,000 1 cm = 5 km
Map of Central Europe Trip Planning 1:1,000,000 1 cm = 10 km
Map of Europe Geography 1:5,000,000 1 cm = 50 km

Which map should you take with you? Michelin Map 731 (Czech Republic and Slovakia) at 1:600,000 is at too large a scale for cycling, but it might useful to have along as a reference for trip planning. It is the map that tends to be most widely distributed in the United States. More detailed maps are easy to find once you are in the Czech Republic or Austria. Bookstores have the best selections.

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