Český Krumlov to Nové Hrady

Of the segments on the Rozmberk Greenway, the ride from Český Krumlov to Nové Hrady is the most difficult. Much of the trail is off roads, or on small asphalt roads that may be in poorer condition. This region is the most isolated along the Rozmberk Greenway, passing through mountains alongside the trail that reach, at one point, to over 1,000 meters. There are excellent opportunities to leave the bicycle behind for an hour or two and hike in these hills. A less challenging alternative route on minor roads is available, and several shortcuts are possible along the route.

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Český Krumlov to Nové Hrady 85 km map/gpx cue sheet
Nové Hrady to Český Krumlov 85 km map/gpx cue sheet

Dolní Přibrání. Cycle Track 1193 provides a challenging alternate route for mountain bikes. It passes through very remote and unspoiled areas along the international border, through the gorge of the Malše River, along what was formerly the Iron Curtain. Click here for a more detailed map. This path approaches to within a few hundred meters of Joachimsthal, Austria, (which is not to be confused with the town in northern Bohemia that had the same name, where radium was first processed). On the Austrian side, a popular bicycling and hiking trail, the Grenzlandweg, passes within a 2 km of the Czech trails, but no official border crossing exists here. Pohorska Ves. Several alternative mountain bike routes are available between this village and Stare Hute, bypassing the town of Benesov nad Cernou.Benešov nad Černou.Hojná Voda is a village located in the saddle between three mountains, of which Vysoká at 1,033 meters is the tallest in this region of Bohemia. (Several other mountains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are named Vysoká, which means “high” in Czech.) Hiking trails, originating in the village, provide access to these mountains, including a 10 km circular trail to the summit of Vysoka.Hojná Voda Reserve and the Žofín Forest. Two of the oldest nature reserves in the Czech Republic are located nearby. Hojná Voda, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, is located about 4 km south-east of the village itself near the Austrian border, on the other side of Vysoká. It contains a small remnant (8.5 ha) of the original Ice Age moist alpine forest, mostly beech, spruce, and fir. Another reserve, Žofínský Prales (Žofín Forest), is nearby. Access to these protected areas is possible by a nature trail that begins in the village.Dobrá Voda (“Good Water”) is a town built on a pilgrimage site, reknowned for its healing waters, which are now known to contain traces of radioactivity. The imposing Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is built in the Baroque style.

Horní Stropnice, a village south-west of Nové Hrady on the Stropnice river, features St. Nicholas’ Church, which preserves many Romanesque elements from its original construction in the first half of the 13th century. It was reconstructed in the late Gothic style around 1500.

Wooden Bridge for Pedestrians and Bicycles

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