Prague-Vienna Greenways Route Guide

I am at work on a Prague-Vienna Greenways guide for bicyclists. This site will provide Google map overlays, cue sheets, and downloadable GPX files for the entire Prague-Vienna Greenways system.

Czech Map


The Prague-Vienna Greenways are a network of bicycle trails, mostly on minor roads but sometimes off-road, that connect the capitals of the Czech Republic and Austria.

Route Distance Links  
Prague to Tábor 123 km map/GPX cue sheet
Tábor to Jindřichův Hradec 50 km map/GPX cue sheet
Jindřichův Hradec to Slavonice 47 km map/GPX cue sheet
Slavonice to Safov and Znojmo 78 km map/GPX cue sheet
Znojmo to Mikulov and Valtice 80 km map/GPX cue sheet
Valtice to Vienna miles|km map/GPX cue sheet

I’d like to offer reverse GPX routes as well, but rather than do a lot of manual labor, I am waiting for someone else to create a technical solution.

Route Distance Links  
Vienna to Valtice miles|km map/GPX cue sheet
Valtice to Znojmo miles|km map/GPX cue sheet
Znojmo to Slavonice miles|km map/GPX cue sheet
Slavonice to Jindřichův Hradec miles|km map/GPX cue sheet
Jindřichův Hradec to Tábor miles|km map/GPX cue sheet
Tábor to Prague miles|km map/GPX cue sheet

The Rozmberk Greenway loop is an extra loop in the Prague-Vienna trail network, extending into southern Bohemia, from which it is easy to connect with the Danube Bicycle Trail. It offers more scenic and off-road cycling than the main route, with more challenging climbs and descents.

Route Distance Links  
Tábor to České Budĕjovice (EuroVelo) 67 km map/gpx cue sheet
Tábor to České Budĕjovice (Rozmberk) 92 km map/gpx cue sheet
České Budĕjovice to Český Krumlov 29 km map/gpx cue sheet
Český Krumlov to Nové Hrady 85 km map/gpx cue sheet
Nové Hrady to Jindřichův Hradec 63 km map/gpx cue sheet

The Greenways of Crafts and Beliefs form a 150-kilometer-long route on the border of Vysočina that connects towns that offer traditional crafts, galleries, and folk museums. It provides another alternative route, or a possible loop.

Route Distance Links  
Slavonice to Telc miles|km map/gpx cue sheet
Telc to Jindřichův Hradec miles|km map/gpx cue sheet

Europe’s longest and most popular bike trail is the Donauradweg (Danube Bike Trail), an international trail that runs the length of the Danube, from its source in Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. It is easy to connect from Linz to the Prague-Vienna Greenways trail system.

Route Distance Links  
Český Krumlov to Bad Leonfelden 45 km map/gpx cue sheet
Bad Leonfelden to Linz 34 km map/gpx cue sheet